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Consider this:
Most bridal boutiques have to rent huge space to keep lots of wedding dresses.
Moreover some shops decorated space like a palace which costs them and you pay for these unnecessary factors

These boutiques need lots of customers so they can stay in business, so they need to pay for expensive advertising all the time.
Of course you have seen lots of wedding magazines which seem to be more than half full of expensive advertisements.
All their advertising costs are added on to the fee that you will pay.
You only want to pay for a wedding dress but you will end up paying a huge amount extra for all their different expenses

Are you happy to pay $3000 for a dress which in reality should only cost half that (for materials and skilled labour?)

Pirka-Couture is a small studio in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

We don’t have extra dresses.
We don’t waste rent on expensive salon space (our apartment is actualy very modest and basic).
We don’t need such big advertisements.

We just have skills to offer and we have been engaged in dress making for a long time.
We provide flexible and friendly consultation.
We have unique ideas to create lovely dresses.

We provide reasonable and affordable Wedding dresses for everyone
at Pirka-couture.
We are motivated to do our best to provide affordable custom designs so that everyone can have a really special wedding day.

[Want to save wedding costs?]

[Looking for dress that will be uniquely yours?]

[If you have no idea about wedding gown designs and you just need some advice]

Please contact us!
Even if you just want to chat about ideas we are happy to make time for you.
Of course we won’t charge anything until we order materials for you. We are happy to discuss ideas until you are happy to proceed

We are looking forward to see you soon.

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