Ideas of design

Pirka-couture creates fully order dresses for each bride.
We are happy to spend lots of time for design consultations with you until 100% satisfied.

■Your Design?■

Being a bride may be something you have dreamed of for many years.
You may know exactly what you would like to look like and we can help you achieve this.
We will work you with you every step of the way to ensure you are totally satisfied and look exactly how you pictured it.

We are able to work with either a picture provided by yourself or just talk us through what you are imagining and we will draw it up for your approval.

■Our Design?■

If you would prefer to gain from our years of expertise we will work with you to ensure your dress perfectly reflects your character.
There are so many factors to consider.

You may want a ‘white’ dress, but have you considered what shade of white?
What best suits your skin colour?
A traditional or classic design?
Something that looks classy, or fashionable?
What kind of material would work best with your design?

These are all questions that we can help you answer thanks to our years of designing dresses for brides of many nationalities and budgets.

Ideas of pattern

■An Original Design versus ‘Off the Rack’■

If you have ever tried on an ‘Off the Rack’ dress in a store you know how difficult it can be to get one that fits you both comfortably and looks good.
Invariably if the waist fits, your bust may be squashed or the dress may be too long.

Off course Pirka-couture will make your dress to measure.
Our dress fit you like your 2nd skin, but this is ordinary work for us.

Our patterns [drafting dress design] are reflection your personality too.
For example,We will make different circumference of skirt and gathers amount between tall women and short women in a same design dress.

Do you want Make looks bigger breast or opposite?
Make looks longer neck or make looks longer legs?

High level pattern work is results of optical illusion!

Pirka-couture is able to reduce your complex on your special day.

The materials we use

The materials we use for your dress are mostly imported from Japan. (Some top quality materials from Europe)

The Sericultural industry is prospering from the 19th century in Japan and nowadays lots of fashion brands prefer to use Japanese technologically developed materials. including famous Australian brand [sass & bide] etc.

Pirkacouture imports materials from reliable factories in Japan directly.
We promise to use exquisite quality materials for your special day!!

We never use cheap materials like most online sellers use.