Your dress creator


    Masayo Tachibana

  • Graduate “Daimaru-creators academy DS fashion technical College” [Japan]

  • Join “Matsuo Company” as Dress designer [Japan]

  • Turned freelance [Japan]

  • Came to Australia

  • Established Pirka-couture


When I joined Dress Company, I worked in charge of color dresses.
Therefore I created countless color dresses at this time.
Also I had made white wedding gowns mostly for personal orders when I was freelance.
Please check the history of my work.

*Greeting-message from Masayo*

Congratulations on your engagement!
I have been in the wedding industry for long time as a dress creator.
I have always been sceptical of other dress creators.
Lots of places put prices on over $3000, even for rentals you can pay exorbitant amounts.
I think most of these are not fair price.

In another way, you can find very cheap dresses on internet at the moment.
Honestly, with professional eyes, I have seen lots of wedding dress designs using very poor materials, poor sewing technique, with reduced lining and layers ( which are essential).

If you are looking for an affordable dress, that is unique and high quality.
I am sure I can help create the dress of your dreams.

Pirka-couture is a small studio, we do all processes to create dresses ourselves in-studio.
Therefore we are very flexible and this will allow us to reflect your unique design requirements and your personailty in your final dress design.
Personally I didn’t want to spend lots of money for my own wedding, so I really happy to help other who are on a tight budget!